How Solids Interact With Water

What better way to learn about how solids interact with liquids than through science! Especially when it involves making hot chocolate! In this lesson, students learn about chemists and what…

Shadow Race Lesson

In this lesson, Kindergarten students learn how to race their shadow and win! They also learn how to design a simple question in their own experiment. This is one lesson…

I truly enjoyed this class. Dr. Flannagan was very helpful and quick to respond when I had a question or concern. Thank you for the videos and also for all of the lessons/powerpoints included with the class. Everything we were asked to do was directly related and ready to use in our classroom. I am so glad I was able to take this course and look forward to implementing the strategies I have learned in my everyday science lessons.

Early Childhood Educator

“I had a wonderful time learning about how to integrate science within all aspects of my curriculum. Thanks to Dr. Flannagan for reminding me how awesome and important science is in the classroom.”


Kindergarten Teacher