I know most of my friend do not like snow very much, but here in our household we love snow. In fact hubby and I keep talking about how we want to find 10 feet of the glorious white stuff!

Snow presents us science teachers with the opportunity to show students what happens when the water cycle interacts with changing temperatures! One of my newest favorite books that introduces students to how matter changes during the winter time is a book called “Best in Snow” by April Pulley Sayre.

The book is absolutely beautiful! The story tells the tale of how snow forms and travels. It is the real world tale of the water cycle from a different vantage point. Best part is the book has a cheat sheet in the back for teachers that explains the science behind snow. The text is simple and teachers can use the text to work with children on word choice or even rhyming words.

Here are some pictures from the book:

image_123923953(2) image_123923953(4) image_123923953(3)

I highly recommend adding this book to your classroom library! If you want to grab a copy, feel free to use the link below (note-this is an affiliate link with amazon and I do get a tiny bit of $ that goes to feed my love of science).

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