Fall is slowly coming to us here in Virginia Beach.Every year it never fails that we have summer like weather in VB in October. This week we are scheduled to stay in the upper 70’s! While some love summer (don’t get me wrong I do as well), my favorite time of  the year begins in October.

This month my posts will be about one of my favorite fall things-pumpkins!! I just love them don’t you? Two weeks ago I learned something new-etching pumpkins! I had never heard of this but it is really easy and fun to do. Here is what you will need:

  • small pumpkin to start off (get a larger one later once you have gotten the hang of the etching)
  • etching tools-I got mine from the workshop I attended but you can get them here for only 7.27!!
  • template for drawing your design on your pumpkin-I did mine freehand but want to try these templates!

Here is the thing-you just need to start! Don’t panic over the design you want to make-just begin.  As you take your tool you just want to scrap off a little bit of the flesh. Push away from your hands and body (this saves your hands from getting cut-these tools are sharp ya’ll). Don’t go too deep and don’t be upset when your pumpkin begins to weep!! This is just the flesh oozing. But once it dries, the lines will get a little darker. Here is a great video to show you how to do this cool idea.

Etched pumpkinHappy pumpkin etching friends!


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