Wow-has it really been since January since I last wrote? Time flies! This spring has been a busy time for me. In January, I became the President of the Virginia Association of Science Teachers and had our first meeting in February. In late February, I found out the Martinson Center I oversee was awarded a Math/Science Partnership Grant!

Me with medaslOutside of work, I ran three half marathons and two 10k’s! By May 11th, I had earned 7 incredible Run Disney medals! All in all, it has been a busy spring.

This week I have been up at JMU working at the Content Teaching Academy. It has been my pleasure working with 21 of the best physical science teachers from across Virginia! Tomorrow is our last day and I went to go buy supplies to do a couple of science activities with them. Excited to share my love of science with teachers from across Virginia!


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