Over the years I can’t tell you the number of teachers and friends who have told me-“You need to get your stuff out there Jenny Sue! You have some neat ideas, share with us please!”

After much thought and prayer, I decided to just do it! Let me welcome you to the NEW Just Simple Science.  I have been consulting for a couple of years, but did not have a website that really looked professional. So, I started looking into redesigning my word press site and here it is. There are a few glitches I need to learn how to fix (like the tiny little flasks on the home page that are supposed to move in and out with the pictures), but for right now, I am just glad to have everything in one spot. Please take a look around and use the contact page at the end to tell me what you like and what I need to add or change! Be sure to click on the RSS feed symbol when you get to the home page so you will get my blog updates! To go to the home page, click here.

Go Science!


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