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Science Flask Lamp!

Science Flask Lamp!

We all need to be crafty every now and then. For me, light has always been an interesting science topic. I used to love teaching my students about how to take white light and break it into the various colors of the spectrum through a prism. It seems a natural offshoot of my passion for science to also create lamps. Funky, personal, and eclectic lamps that can brighten up your home! I hope you will fall in love with them as much as I love creating them!

Here are the lamps I have ready for purchase:

College/Team Lamps

Sample colletge lampFrom JMU to Longwood to NFL Teams like the Redskins, order your custom made college/team lamp with me! Great gifts for that person who has everything but a lamp!

To purchase College or Team Lamps just use this button! Once you pay, you will be taken to a page where you can pick provide me with more information on your custom team lamp!

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