Professional Development

Professional Development

JS2 does not just do science to your teachers, we engage your teachers in science. We are proud to say our activities blend theory with practice. Our professional development can be customized to meet the needs of your teachers. If you are reading to get started, contact us today!

Below are a list of topics we offer, but we can develop customized trainings.

Nature of Science and Inquiry-What’s the Connection K-5

In this week long training, teachers learn the see the nature of science as the framework that guides the scientific endeavor. Inquiry becomes the process through which we learn about our world. From the first hands-on, inquiry based experience to the last, your teachers will walk away excited to teach students how to design experiments, analyze data, and defend their findings!

Scientists are Born in Early Childhood

Did you know budding scientists can be found in any early childhood classroom? All it takes is the right amount of  experiences and your scientists will begin to grow. Teachers will learn how to engage young scientists in simple, hands-on experiences that will build their vocabulary, fine motor skills, and their ability to ask questions!

Connecting Literacy Skills in Science

Who has time for everything that must be taught these days! The best teachers have figured out how to integrate. This workshop will introduce teachers to not only science content but common core standards as well. From fiction to non-fiction books, teachers will walk away with lots of ideas that will have your students asking is this a langauge arts or science classroom?

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