Products and Freebies

Products and Freebies

Here at Just Simple Science, we have several products to help make teaching science easy and fun!

Teacher Pay Teacher Items

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  • Scientists are Born in Kindergarten-this product is a collection of my favorite activities to do with Kindergarten students. Over 6 lessons!
  • Designing an Experiment-this lesson is designed for K-1 students. Using a simple egg, students explore a question and then design their own question using the 4 Question strategy in order to learn why an egg can hold several books before breaking!
  • Shadow Unit-this is a complete unit with over 4 weeks worth of lesson plans designed to have kindergarten students helping Phil to get more sleep!
  • Exploring Matter-this lesson plan is all about matter! From solids, liquids, to gases, students will learn what makes each type of matter different!
  • Absorbing paper towels-designed for 6th graders, this lesson has students making observations and then designing their own questions to explore how paper towels absorb water!
  • Rolling Cars-this lesson plan will help your students learn more about potential and kinetic energy! For those of you who have already purchased the lesson plan, click here to find video related to 4 Question Strategy brainstorming tool!
  • Other Items


Just click on the links for free items developed by JS2!

Science Lab Role Cards

  • Use this cards to help you manage your groups!

Shadow Race!

  • This is the introductory lesson of a unit JS2 developed to help Kindergarten teachers teach shadows. This lesson has children racing their shadow in order to learn how to win every time!


  • This is a fun game that uses weather to help preschool children practice counting. 

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