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The Magnificent Magnifying Lens

Two years ago when I started doing early childhood workshops, I found it hard to find books to align with some of the activities I had developed. This prompted  the idea of writing a book to fill the gaps. I am proud to say there is now a book about how to use a magnifying...
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Just Simple Science Goes International!

Everyone Loves Science! So this week I have the honor of working with 25 teachers from Panama! Yes-I said Panama! My fist international trip. What an experience. I missed my connecting flight, waiting 5 hours to catch another flight, and made it without the luggage! Hope it arrives today. But the important stuff made it...
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Eggs Amazing!

So how do you start the year off? Easy-just give kids some eggs and watch them get curious! Now I know what you are thinking, how can a simple egg get kids excited about learning science. Really it is not a simple egg but what you do to an egg that will have them wanting to...
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